Lüftlmalerei Oberammergau

Discover the impressive Lüftlmalerei in Oberammergau, an art form that transforms the town’s houses into a stunning open-air gallery. Admire the colours and stories that come alive on each building.

Lüftlmalerei Oberammergau: A breathtaking display of tradition and craftsmanship

The characteristic facades of Oberammergau bear witness to a unique art form known as Lüftlmalerei. This traditional Bavarian façade painting has earned the Zwinck family from Oberammergau recognition both locally and beyond the borders. It is possible that the term derives from the colloquial expression “beim Lüftl”, which was used for the home of the well-known façade painter Franz Seraph Zwinck from Oberammergau.

Lüftlmalerei - Fascinating stories on every wall

The colourful motifs on the painted façades tell a variety of stories. Scenes from the Passion of Christ are particularly frequently depicted, a testimony to the deep Christian values of the community. These magnificent Lüftl paintings, many of which date back to the 18th century, adorn the houses in Oberammergau and enrich the townscape.

The unfolded picture books that line the streets of Oberammergau’s old town shine in the light of the sun’s rays reflected from the snow-covered peaks of the mountains. They tell of the former inhabitants of the houses, their names and professions, their hopes and fears. They provide insights into the local culture and history and are at the same time an expression of religious devotion.

Lüftlmalerei Oberammergau

Lüftlmalerei: A discovery of folk art

The Lüftl paintings are often regarded as folk art, but thanks to their painterly execution and multi-layered levels of meaning, they are now also recognised by experts as an important art movement. In today’s district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, many of these picture programmes from the 18th century have been preserved.

The colourful design of house facades was not only intended to give the illusion of architecture, but also to bring figurative representations and decorations onto the flat exterior walls. The depictions of saints and biblical scenes express the faith of the Catholic population and their need for personal protection.

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Franz Seraph Zwinck: The formative Lüftlmaler of Oberammergau

In Franz Seraph Zwinck (1748 – 1792), a painter based in Oberammergau, the art of Lüftlmalerei found an outstanding personality who perfectly combined the art of representation and technique. Zwinck left his mark on Lüftl painting in Oberammergau and the surrounding area, leaving behind impressive examples of his work. These include the exterior facades of today’s state

Ettaler Straße, the Kölblhaus opposite the forestry office, the Mußldomahaus at Lüftlmalereck, the Dedlerhaus and the Pilatushaus. The west façade, which is more recent and was designed by Franz Hartmann, also bears witness to the continuation of this remarkable art form.

A fascinating heritage of art and culture

Lüftl painting has shaped the appearance of Oberammergau and contributes significantly to the charm and beauty of the place. The elaborate paintings on the façades are a feast for the eyes and invite locals and visitors alike to pause for a moment and admire the variety and detail of the depictions.

It is these hand-painted treasures that transform the streets of Oberammergau into a living art gallery. They reflect the cultural diversity and historical richness of the town and at the same time are a living testimony to the deep-rooted piety and craftsmanship of the inhabitants.

Lüftlmalerei Oberammergau: Ein Ausdruck tiefverwurzelter Traditionen

Today, as Oberammergau continues to evolve and modernise, the Lüftlmalerei remains an enduring symbol of the town’s rich past and culture. These impressive murals are not only decorative but also informative, serving as reminders of the stories and traditions that make Oberammergau what it is today.

The Lüftlmalerei Oberammergau is a fascination for art lovers and historians, tourists and locals alike. It serves as a living museum, transforming the facades of the houses into unique works of art while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the town. With every brushstroke, Lüftlmalerei tells a story and leaves a lasting impression of Oberammergau’s cultural and historical significance.

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