Passion Theatre

Discover the Passion Theatre in Oberammergau, a fascinating stage where history comes to life. Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of this unique place.

Discover the Oberammergau Passion Theatre

The Oberammergau Passion Theatre has a deep-rooted history that goes back to the time of the Thirty Years’ War. In the midst of the Swedish invasion, Bavaria experienced a devastating plague epidemic that claimed many victims in Oberammergau. In 1633, the village leaders vowed to perform the Passion drama every ten years as a pleading prayer to end the plague. The epidemic came to a halt and the community kept its promise as early as 1634. The Oberammergau Passion Theatre, where the first performances took place, has since become a landmark in the region.

Passion Theatre

Today, the Oberammergau Passion Theatre is an impressive open-air theatre with around 4,800 seats, which were roofed over in 1900. The amphitheatrical design means that every seat offers an excellent view of the stage. The artistic unity of text, music, stage design and costumes is strongly influenced by the expertise of the people of Oberammergau, who are known as skilled woodcarvers.

Every year, the Oberammergau Passion Theatre produces new theatre productions during the summer months. The theatre not only presents works by local actors directed by Christian Stückl, but also well-known operas such as Nabucco. In addition, the Heimatsound Festival is held, which gathers top bands and newcomers in Oberammergau for two days and nights.

Passionstheater Oberammergau

Discover the Oberammergau Passion Theatre

In the foyer of the theatre and during guided tours of the Passion Theatre, you can experience the fascinating history of the Passion Play at first hand. An extensive renovation of the theatre was completed in 1999, modernising the auditoriums and stage technology and increasing comfort for visitors. With 4,720 fully covered seats, the renovated Passion Theatre Oberammergau now offers a high standard of comfort and safety.

For an unforgettable experience, we recommend a guided tour of the Oberammergau Passion Theatre, which takes you into the auditorium as well as backstage. Guided tours take place in German from Tuesday to Sunday at 2pm (Saturday at 1pm) and 4pm and in English daily at 11am.

Please note that the Passion Theatre Oberammergau is barrier-free accessible. Special seating is available for wheelchair users and there is a disabled WC on site. Enjoy the charm and uniqueness of the Oberammergau Passion Theatre, which combines the history, culture and artistic mastery of Oberammergau.

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The impressive history of the Oberammergau Passion Theatre

The beginnings of the Oberammergau Passion Theatre date back to 1634, when the villagers erected a simple wooden stage on the fresh graves of plague victims. Over the years, the stage was rebuilt and equipped with scenery and stage technology. In 1830, the first performance took place on the site of today’s Passion Theatre.

In the following decades, the theatre was continuously developed. In 1890, a new building was erected according to the plans of Carl Lautenschläger, which remained true to the original appearance. For the Passion Play in 1900, the auditorium was roofed over with an iron scaffolding construction that still exists today. The stage opens to the front towards the open-air stage.

In 1930, the open-air stage was redesigned by Georg Johann Lang and Raimund Lang. The clearly designed, monumental stage house in ascetic style reflects the artistic concentration of the stage designs. As part of the expansion of the auditorium, the original seating, consisting of simple rows of benches, was also replaced by theatre seating. Now the tiers offered space for 5,200 spectators.

After the Passion Play in 1990, extensive renovation work was necessary in the interior and on the façade. The auditorium was modernised, comfort was increased and the stage technology was brought up to date. In a citizens’ referendum in September 1997, various renovation proposals were put to the vote.

Experience the fascination of the Oberammergau Passion Theatre

The Oberammergau Passion Theatre is not only a venue for world-famous Passion plays, but also a cultural centre where various events take place throughout the year. In the summer months, the theatre offers new productions every year with Oberammergau actors directed by Christian Stückl, but also well-known operas such as Nabucco. In addition, the Heimatsound Festival attracts top bands and up-and-coming talent to Oberammergau.

Visit the Oberammergau Passion Theatre and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere this historic theatre offers. Whether you are a theatre lover, a history buff or an art enthusiast, the Oberammergau Passion Theatre offers an unforgettable experience.

The exhibition in the foyer of the theatre offers a deep insight into the captivating history of the Passion Plays. During the guided tours of the theatre, the history of the Passion Plays comes alive. In addition, you can visit the auditorium and backstage areas as part of the guided tours.

The Oberammergau Passion Theatre is also known for its accessibility. The foyer and auditorium are barrier-free and there are seats available for wheelchair users. In addition, there is a disabled WC on site.

The Oberammergau Passion Play has a deep significance in local culture and is an outstanding example of faith and artistic

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